Core Services

           PTTES aims to be one of the major driving forces behind the co-creation of sustainable growth for PTT group and other industries. We support PTT group and our industrial customers in achieving their Operational Excellence targets by providing the required technical services in a professional and cost effective way.

          Focusing on the highest value, customers will receive our services by working together to co-create appropriate solutions which fit for purpose in each project. Our consultants develop projects with customers through 6D methodology (Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, Deploy, and Develop) to understand what factors would drive the most value for them and deliver excellent professional services, which is not only to solve their technical problem but also to provide knowledge transfer to build up the technical capability of the customers for their sustainability.

      We commit to deliver technical and engineering consultancy of the highest quality including technology integration in order to enhance value and improve overall performance for clients' businesses.


We provide "5 Core Services" as follows.


1. Engineering Project Management (EPM) 


2. Process & Value Chain Enhancement (PVE)


3. Reliability & Asset Integrity Excellence (RAI)


4. Sustainability & Safety Improvement (SSI)


5. Transformation & Technology Solutions (TTS)



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