Sustainability & Safety Improvement (SSI)




Development of Process Safety Management (PSM)

PTTES provides services to ensure the safety of people and integrity of assets and facilities. We offer services to improve Process Safety Management (PSM) in Refining and Petrochemical industries as well as other energy buseinesses through:-

  1. Creating a positive environment of employee involvement and collaboration
  2. Evaluating present status of Process Safety Management
  3. Designing Process Safety Management programs
  4. Implementing Process Safety Management programs
  5. Installing measures of Process Safety Management
  6. Benchmarking performance of Process Safety Management

Process Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis

PTTES provides services to identify hazards and evaluate risks at customer's facilities, throughout their life cycle, to make certain that risks to employees,public, or environment are consistently controlled within the acceptable risk level. The services include:-

  1. HAZOP (hazard and operability analysis) study
  2. LOPA (layer of protection analysis)
  3. Site and Plot Plan Evaluation
  4. Assessment of Flammable, Explosive and Toxic Impact
  5. Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
  6. Fire Safety reviews

Operating Windows

To prevent equipment damage, leaks and failures, and improve asset reliability, PTTES offers establishment, implementation, and maintenance of rigorous operating windows at customer's facilities, as well as transferring knowledge to all affected personnel.

Alarm Management

As it is well known that alarm surplus or flooding in process control system obscures plant operators from visualizing the plant operating status and trends, the number of alarms should be minimized as low as possible while it still adequately represents and notifies the operating and safety envelopes. PTTES provides Alarm Management services to enhance plant integrity. These are executed by two approaches, i.e. Alarm Management Quick Fix and Lifecycle methodology based on EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.1 guidelines. PTTES consultants closely work with customer plant personnel to achieve the set targets.

Project Reference

No. Project Name Sector
Operation Risk Management Workshop
Development of Process Safety Managment (PSM)
Operation Risk Management & ALARP Workshop
Development of Process Safety Managment (PSM)
SSHE Performance Review (Petrochemical and Gas Plant)
Process Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
Process Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
Process Safety Management Foundaton
Development of Process Safety Managment (PSM)
Safety and Operating Limits Review (VGO/ HDS)
Operating Windows
Alarm Management Service (Refinery)
Alarm Management
Alarm Management Service - Quick Fix
Alarm Management
Alarm Management Service (Offshore Production Platform)
Alarm Management
Alarm Management Service - Quick Fix (Refinery)
Alarm Management
Alarm Management Service (Onshore Production Unit)
Alarm Management