Operational Excellence

          As PTT has the Operational Excellence (OpEx) vision to be “The most admired national oil company for Operational Excellence”, PTTES was founded to support and assist such ambition leveraging PTT and PTT subsidiaries performance to achieve at the OpEx top quartile performance level.

          OpEx, which is a very broad framework applied to almost all operational and non-operational staff, comprises many of elements. PTTES is very keen to assist technical elements and management systems as well as support the customer for a full range of services, starting from the induction of performance benchmarking, recommendation or work prioritization and planning, coaching and support the customers during the implementation stage. PTTES services cover all defined 12 OpEx elements as depicted:-


12 Elements of Operational Excellence

What does it mean to have Operational Excellence?

Top quartile performance on KPI's and ROIC

Envied reputation in industry for best-in-class operations

Highly talented and skilled workforce and management

Standardized, consistent OpEx system

Best in class results on SSHE metrics and superior SSHE culture

Project Reference

No. Project Name
OpEx Management System Maturity Assessment (Gas Pipeline)
OpEx Management System Maturity Assessment (Marine and Road Terminal)
OpEx Seminar 2015 - Knowledge Sharing (Gap Closing for Non Energy Cash Cost, NECC)
OpEx Management System Assessor Training
OpEx Management System Maturity Assessment (Oil and LPG Terminal)
OpEx Management System Maturity Assessment (Petrochemical/ Refinery/ E&P/ Gas Plant)