Senior Consultant - Master Planning


Our Jobs detailand success are based on the effort, dedication and sacrifice of our people. The spirit and quality of our PTTES staff determine our ability to sustain our competitive advantages, maximize shareholder value and deal with future challenges. 

Main Purpose:

  • Provide technical consultancy services to clients in setting up the strategic directions and assessing challenges of the refinery, petrochemical plant or other assets to ensure optimal project and investment plans in order to maximise the long-term profitability, grasp opportunities or minimize risk to the business with limited supervision from Head Operation/Principle consultant.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Understand How to interpret LP output data and/or do LP modelling with understand key economic drivers.
  2. Develop Solutions and advice on study on strategic long term plans for the assets covering future process configuration by taking into account market requirements, supply availability and available technology portfolio. Discuss with Principle consultant to check on that of solutions before delivering to clients.
  3. Conduct detailed analysis on options and opportunities facing the assets and businesses in the long term on both technical and economics evaluation including projections for capital expenditure, operating expenditure, and cash flow consequences.
  4. Perform risk assessment and identify mitigation plans for the preferred investment options or as an input into investment decision. Discuss and check with Principle consultants for validation study results.
  5. Perform study as well as implementation support on optimizing plant economics by operational improvement, plant changes and/or major investments.
  6. Support on portfolio analysis in preparation for acquisition or sale of assets, or for entry into new markets.
  7. Simplified financial model to use for financial evaluation of various study/configuration options.



  1. Bachelor or higher degree in Chemical Engineer, Process Engineering, Petro Chemical Engineering or related discipline.
  2. At least 12 years working experiences in process engineering, process improvement, energy & loss, margin improvement or process operations in refineries, petrochemical Lube base plants or similar industries.
  3. Knowledge of refinery or petrochemical configuration.
  4. Experience in Project Management and Project Economics is an advantage.
  5. Experience on LP modeliing is a plus.

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