Senior Consultant - Advanced Process Control

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Main Purpose: 

  • Provide technical consultancy services to assess, diagonose, design and implement basic layer control and advanced process control for process performance improvement.

Job functions:

  1. Conduct assessment and diagnoses Basic and Advanced Process Control based on fact-gathering, surveys and clients data.
  2. Design performance improvement program and strategy for Advanced Process Control and implement.
  3. Design and improve base layer control system and provide recommendation.
  4. Coordinate clients and DCS vendors to ensure delivery of Advanced Process Control project according to the agreed performance deliverables and plan.
  5. Communicate findings and recommendations to clients both in oral and in writing format.
  6. Support and deliver implementation of improvement initiatives, including work planning, management of change, on-the-job coaching and tracking of work progress.
  7. Advise clients on Advanced Process Control and associated systems.


  1. Bachelor Degree or higher in Process Control Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or related discipline.
  2. At least 12 years work experience in Advanced Process Control systems or related system.
  3. Experience in justification, design, implementation and maintenance of process control applications in Oil&Gas Industry.
  4. Knowledge of instrumentations, IT Networking and Application, including maintenance and  operation.
  5. Oil refinery or petrochemicals experience is a must.
  6. Knowledge and competence of market lead APC Software.
  7. Strong in client service skill.
  8. Good command of English. (TOEIC Score 700)

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