Senior Consultant - Supply Chain & Oil Movement

Our Jobs detailand success are based on the effort, dedication and sacrifice of our people. The spirit and quality of our PTTES staff determine our ability to sustain our competitive advantages, maximize shareholder value and deal with future challenges. 

Main Purpose

  1. Manage and lead team of consultants in the area of Supply Chain Optimization and Loss Management to ensure good quality of services are delivered to clients and generating values to both PTTES and clients.
  2. Provide technical consultancy service for lead improvement studies and development of supply chain business.
  3. Conduct assessment and diagnoses on clients’ supply chain business and recommend procedure for improvement.

Job functions

  1. Gather customer requirement and develop project proposal (technical proposal and man-hour estimate) and provide to business development team for further submission to clients.
  2. Provide advice and recommendation on supply chain business process that support clients' business strategies adapted to changing business environment conditions, new business opportunities, or cost reduction strategies.
  3. Setup and lead improvement studies and development of end-to-end supply chain reviews, master planning and optimization, feasibility study and business improvement review, e.g. network optimization, products movement efficiency and loss management system, by drawing on industry experiences and referring to international best practices. 
  4. Conduct assessment and diagnoses clients' business process to come up with improvement opportunities based on fact-gathering, surveys and clients data.
  5. Recommend procedures for coordination of supply chain management with various functional areas, such as sales and marketing, finance, production, operations and quality assurance.
  6. Support implementation of improvement initiatives as required, including work planning, management of change, on-the-job coaching and impact tracking to ensure efficiency improvement while maintaining technical integrity of the process.
  7. Manage project resources including budget, man power and project schedule to ensure smooth run of the project.
  8. Ensure that all project works have been conducted in timely manner and with good quality according to customer requirement.
  9. Encourage and ensure staff performing tasks according to company code of conduct. 
  10. Supervise / coach subordinate to build their competencies and ensure good quality of services is delivered to clients.


  1. Bachelor Degree or higher in Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Petro Chemical Engineering, Supply Chain/Logistics Management or related discipline.
  2. At least 14 years working experiences in supply chain, logistics and distribution, process engineer, process improvement, energy & loss, margin improvement, product movement or process operations in refineries, petrochemical or similar industries. 
  3. Experience in optimization or troubleshooting of supply chain business process, logistics and distribution including supply chain optimization tools/software.
  4. Good awareness of business and economic drivers and sound understanding of feasibility and cost effectiveness of projects.
  5. Oil and gas/chemicals experience is a must. 
  6. Knowledge of refinery configuration and planning/scheduling tool is a plus.

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