Our HR Principles

PTTES provides equal opportunity to everyone. We are intensely aware that our people through a common bond of "ES Spirit" are the most vital resource and are the key factor for the success of an organization.

Anchored in our vision & mission that drives us forward, we provide our people with the appropriate learning and development structure guiding to the high level of expertise in their assigned duties. We consistently emphasize best practices in our systems and processes at all levels of management and in the development of our human resources.

HR Management System

We trust that our committed and competent resources will drive PTTES to prosperity and success. The HR Management System starts with the recruitment process where we look for candidates with solid education and work experience, who appear to appreciate values similar to our "ES Spirit" core values.

With our Performance Management System, each staff is involved in setting up functional plans, while the assignment of work is delegated through agreeing individual and team. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to periodically evaluate our people.

We run our business as a matrix organization in order to optimize our human resource. The most vital aspect of the matrix organization is that our PTTES people can share information and expertise more readily across their functions, which increases more in the depth of knowledge and specialization. Those will be properly managed under a harmonized work environment with team participation, collaboration and accountability.

HR Development

PTTES focuses on human resources development which has a dual objective of growth of the employee and the growth of organization.

Human resources development are critical tasks in enhancing our capabilities and performance. To ensure PTTES staff is provided adequately and align with business strategy, we have implemented PTTES Learning and Development Framework and Competency Management System (CMS), in order to strengthen existing skills (upskill) and develop new skills (reskill) according to business context in dynamic environment.



In practice, each PTTES staff will be involved in setting up their Individual Development Program (IDP) designed specifically for annual development in each discipline, with the aims of improving managerial skills, as well as technical skills and core behaviors. Those will be organized in many approaches depending on the development purposes such as formal training, web-based learning, knowledge and experience sharing programs, on the job training and job coaching.

Our learning and development philosophy are grounded on the followings: -

  1. Human beings have the capacity for growth. Everyone in PTTES has the ability to grow and should strive constantly in this direction in order to sustain the growth of the company
  2. Every staff has a unique value. Thus, each one is a person in his own right, different from all others, and is capable of innovative contributions.
  3. An employee's interest and organizational objectives can be integrated
  4. Human Resources Development is an investment that will yield a considerable return

Employee Engagement

PTTES creates a happy workplace based on theme “Unity, Healthy and Charity”. All activities have been arranged to enhance a good relationship among staff, both within and cross department which could support them to get a healthier and build up a mindset of social responsibilities


Reward System

PTTES believes in pay for performance system. Our compensation structure is designed to be competitive in the market. Each job is evaluated based on the complexity of the task and the scope of accountability. The job under evaluation is assigned a "Job Grade", reflecting its complexity and accountability. Each individual's salary and promotions will be periodically appraised through Performance Appraisal System (PAS). A variable bonus will also be considered each year in relation to team performance.