Our growth and success are based on the effort, dedication and sacrifice of our people. The spirit and quality of our PTTES staff determine our ability to sustain our competitive advantages, maximize shareholder value and deal with future challenges.

PTTES has identified the core values and attributes that characterize PTTES's culture. Integrating people from different cultures and backgrounds together with inculcating PTTES's core values are major challenges, but we give as a top priority.

Our core values are summarized into a strong set of behavioral expectation known as the "ES SPIRIT" in which those will bring the great achievements to PTTES and are likely to lead to our future success:-



PTTES is committed to the delivery of solutions which are, where feasible, beyond the customers expectations, through the formulation of technically sound, state of the art or even innovative end-to-end solutions, thus maximizing value to the customer, while minimizing operational risks to their businesses.


PTTES embraces and actively promotes all the common PTTES, stakeholder, customer, partner core-values, ensuring the long term viability and sustainability of our own consultancy business and that of our stakeholder, customer and partners businesses.



  • S


    Our objective is to work together with our customers and partners to achieve our shared vison and goals of the PTT Group.

  • P

    Performance excellence

    We have set ourselves challenging targets and focus our efforts on achieving technically sound and innovative solutions for our clients. Our aim is to continuously develop and improve our performance.

  • I


    Our internal work process is set-up to promote critical review of technically sound solutions provided to the customers, with the aim of promoting renewal and innovation as part of our business process.

  • R


    We shall provide products and services to our customers which are beneficial to the society and will not harm the environment, while meeting our obligations to all stakeholders.

  • I

    Integrity and ethics

    We subscribe-to and support the honest conduct of business, through transparent management and good corporate governance.

  • T

    Trust and respect

    We treat all customers, employees, business partners and stakeholders fairly in an effort to build all parties trust and respect.