PTTES KM Principle

In pursuit of our vision "Technical Center of Excellence in AEC in 2020", PTTES considers knowledge as intangible high-value asset. Knowledge Management (KM), which aims to be well - maintained, kept up-to-date and continuously improved as an effective database system, is essential to the PTTES business operations. A properly working PTTES KM system contributes to the delivery of services of the highest quality - operational excellence for PTTES.

Knowledge Management is about capturing, creating, distilling, sharing and using data and information.

PTTES KM : a solid basis for effective and credible delivery of PTTES Services (Technical Excellence) upon which improvements (innovation) is based.

The creation of these new products or renewal of existing services is identified as the creation of Intellectual Capital (IC). Creation of IC is one of the key business objectives for PTTES, benefitting the entire PTT Group.